Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December's Youth Outing

This is our latest outing with our youth group. The purpose of it was to pass out fliers for our Christmas program and to have a fun time of fellowship to follow. We were successful on all counts! :o) First we met at the church. The foreigners learned a phrase which would enable them to give the flier to someone and invite them to our program. Then we divided up into 4 teams, so each team could target a different area of town. Next we prayed and hit the road, excited to pass out our invitations. Each group did a wonderful job and passed out all the fliers that were given. We are so excited to see how the Lord will bless for our Christmas concert. If you think to pray for it, our program will be held Saturday the 22nd at 7:30pm (you can also pray for me - I'm singing in it in Chinese - YIKES!). After passing out the fliers we all gathered together again at the Delaney's home for a fun night of fellowship. We played games, made pizzas, the girls made cookies (sort of), and we had a great time to just hang out with each other. The Lord has blessed us with a great 6 months with our youth and are very excited to see growth in them!

Here are the girls making cookies - Stacie, Gloria, and Susannah

The other bunch of girls mixing up some cookies - Ruth, Teresa, and Esther

Here are the boys and their pizzas - Jay, Daniel, Tad, Jackie, and Josh

The girls (and Stanley) making thier pizzas - Gloria, Stanley, Teresa, Elizabeth, Julia, and Esther

Here was the most unique pizza of the night - topped with oranges - made by Leo

Here are the boys -
Bottom (left to right): Jackie, Daniel, Tad, and Leo
Middle: Jay, Josh, and Carl
Top: Harry

Here are the girls -
Back (left to right): Gloria, Susannah, me, Teresa, Stacie, and Esther
Front: Lydia, Lillian, Esther, Elizabeth, Julia, and Ruth


The Horaks said...

Looks like such a great group!!! I'm so glad that you are there and doing so well! It's really fun to read your updates and see the pictures! I can tell that they all love you guys there! :)


Anonymous said...

Tad and Hannah! Just wanted to say hi. Hope you guys are well. I miss you and wish I could visit. We have some friends in Taiwan..I wonder if they are anywhere near you. How far are you from Taichung City? We'll miss you at Christmas..Maybe we'll be able to talk! Love you both!

sc3b said...

Hey...just thinking about you guys. How was your Christmas? I can't believe that you are already half finished there!! The time has flown by. We miss you and think of you often. (Could have used Tad for some skits on New Year's Eve!!)

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