Friday, February 16, 2007

Surprise Weekend!

This past Saturday Tad decided to surprise me. I had no idea where we were going and what we were doing. He gave me a few small tips so I knew how to dress appropriately, etc., but gave no real hints. About 10:30am Saturday a Jeep pulled into our driveway with Keith and Janice Boss in it. They were our travel buddies. I then found out we were going to Houghton, MI - - which really gave me no clues. Once we arrived (almost 3hrs down the road) I saw what we were going to see that day! That weekend was Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival. I had never heard of it before, unfortunately, but it was so neat! The students compete in an ice/snow sculpting competition. They had some of the neatest things!! One, you will see in the slide show, was done by a Christian group that shows the Garden of Eden and the Birth of Christ - - very cool!! The stuff was amazing! After spending a few hours looking at the sculptures and dodging in and out of buildings to warm up :o), we went to eat at Long John Silvers, and then went to a hockey game. We ended our great day stopping at Wendy's for a free frosty before getting home. I had a great day with my husband and with some friends!! That was my "Happy Valentine's"!! :o)

For more info (pictures and the how-to's) go to this site . . . Very neat!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Wedding Snap-shots

Speaking of weddings . . .
I told a friend a while back that I would try to get a few of our wedding pictures on here. Well, here they are! :o) These aren't the greatest (our new video camera/ camera was being tested), but they will have to do. The last two pictures are from the reception Tad's church in Texas gave us.

Wedding Photos

This past month Tad and I had the joy of going to Bryan and Jerelyn's wedding. We had a ton of fun on our "road trip" to PA. The wedding went really well and it was beautiful!! I'm so happy for Bryan and Jerelyn. :o) Here are some snap shots of her shower (here at NBBC) and the wedding. It was so fun to see old friends again!