Monday, December 29, 2008

Apartment Tour

Here's our "new" apartment. It's about 2 blocks away from the church, the Hanna's apt, the Delaney's apt, and the MRT station. Plus, we have many convenient things in our small neighborhood - tea shops, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing store, shoe store, etc. The Lord truly blessed and abundantly provided when He allowed us to rent this apartment. We have a young couple (not too much older than us) as your landowners. They are SO nice. She is also expecting her first child, and is about 2 months behind me. Also, the rent is unbelievable - Praise the LORD! So, whenever you all are ready, you can come visit! :o)

Exercise room (with a meeting room/ library upstairs)

Our courtyard area

Our fountain fish pond (we "donated" a few - haha!)

Play ground - Ben & Carissa, you guys can head on over ... I know the boys would love this. We also have a park across the road from our apartment.

This is one of the views looking down from our 16th floor

Office - our second bedroom

Our bedroom (notice the "king" size bed ... 2 twins pushed together)


Kitchen - no, we have no oven, but we do have a fridge (it just doesn't fit in here)

Porch area - also our laundry room (we have a washer, but no dryer)

Half of our living room (with the best TV we've ever had since being married) :o)

Other half of the living room - gotta love the blue leather couches!

Our front door, shoe closet, and dining room

Our window with the best view ... here is a night view

Our small glimpse of downtown (the Tuntex, 85 story building in view)

One of the many beautiful sunsets we've seen. The sun is setting over the ocean, and also our neighborhood is pictured here.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Xiao Liou Chio

A few weeks back, Tad and I took a weekend vacation to one of the many smaller islands surrounding Taiwan. This one is called Xiao Liou Chio. We hopped a bus after our language school and took the following day off, so we could stay the night (enjoying 2 days on the island). It was a very short stay, but we had SO much fun and the place was absolutely gorgeous!! We hope we can go back again some time in the future.

Tad & I at the docks getting ready to board the ferry

Our first stop - the beach :o)

Tad - enjoying the view and trying to catch glimpses of the fish

Shell collecting

Beautiful sunset!!!

The grounds where we stayed

Snorkeling (my first time in a wet suit)

This island is a reef island, as seen by the shore line.
There were SO many neat sights under the water!!

One of the many small, narrow roads on the island - complete with restaurants, souvenir shops, tea shops, and even a 7-11! :o)

The ferry

Vase Rock - one of the many neat tourist sites

Our mode of transportation while on the island was by scooter - here we are touring the island

Tad and I enjoying our time and the beautiful scenery

One of the many nature walks we could go on - here Tad is standing in one of the caves/ crevasses

The road with rocks and trees canopying it

Our guide for the duration of our stay

A few "friends" we met while waiting to board the ferry for our return trip (it was a wonderful time to put our Chinese into practice)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Weekend Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege to go up north to Taizhong to help in a church Sunday night(Tad was able to preach), and Monday evening was a missionary fellowship. Between the times of ministry, both Tad and I were able to enjoy some good time of fellowship with other missionaries. While Tad was able to enjoy a wonderful morning of golf, I was able to spend some great time with Cherie Green and her kids. We both had a GREAT weekend, and hope to get back up to spend time with them again soon!

The happy clan ... Tad, 2 Japanese missionary pastors, and 2 American missionary pastors

Tad and Dave Green

Our first ride on the High Speed Rail