Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanksgiving Love Feast at Conerstone

We were finally able to experience our first Love Feast at Conerstone. I didn't have to spend the day in the Emergency room with Tad like the last scheduled Love Feast. :o) Just a quick explanation ... Love Feast is a direct Biblical translation(what 'good' Baptists call a Potluck). We had a great time of food, fellowship, and more food. It was a great time to spend with different members of the church just talking and having a good time. Nothing like having two Thanksgiving meals, one right after the other. :o) We look forward to our next Love Feast.

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ckwalli said...

Tad, can you please contact me? I have a former co-worker in Kaoshung that i'd like for you to contact.
Thanks! Kenney