Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July VBS update

Our Olympic themed VBS - Run the Race ...

We hit the ground running when we returned here to Taiwan. One of the first things we had to get ready for was our VBS week, which was the first week of July. God blessed our week tremendously! We had kids numbering in the 50's each day, which was just about perfect for our building to handle! We also had opportunities to make contacts with many parents, saw a handful of kids make decisions and accept Christ as Savior, and have seen a number return to our weekly services (i.e. Sunday School).

Emily (single Taiwanese missionary), teaching the Bible story using the wordless book colors.

Our VBS group ...

Game time ... Saturday we had a "Carnival Day" where each level of the church had different game stations for the different groups of kids.

Tad in some skits during the English teaching time ...

Jerry's game station. Jerry also did the missionary story - Eric Liddell.

Snack time and time for us to make contact with parents, as well as getting to know the kids.

Craft time ...

Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

3rd Anniversary

Can you believe it?? It's been 3 yeas already! What wonderful times. This was our second time to celebrate it in Taiwan. This time we treated ourselves to lunch at TGI Friday's and afterwards went to a zoo. I loved it! To be honest, I love any zoo or aquarium! It was a super hot day, but the zoo wasn't very busy and we had a lot of fun. :o)

Our yummy desert - yes, we splurged :o)

Lunch at TGI's

In the open bird sanctuary. There weren't any cages, you are allowed to walk through it all on board walks - very neat!

Tad trying to amuse himself by interacting with the animals any way he could. :o)

At the zoo

Playing with the hippos - one of the best things all day!

Tad posed with the monkey for good memories. Needless to say, we had a fun time at the monkey cage - they went crazy! :o)

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Tad playing with and picking up all the snails

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Well, as I've mentioned, we are back in Taiwan, and I think we're finally over jet lag. :o) It's fun to be back in the groove of things and be back with good friends, but it's always hard to say goodbye and leave other loved ones behind. Here are a few snapshots of us having fun early in the morning at the Taipei airport. Praise the Lord we had good flights and safety traveling.

The evening we got in, we went over the the Culler's house (fellow missionaries) for a little get together with a few other families. That night, I was able to see my first live snake here in Taiwan - mom, you'd have loved it!!!! :o)

Here we all are playing cards and having a great time.

The following day we looked at an apartment (as we need to find a new one before September), and were able to go out to eat with our good friends, the Jiangs (and have some yummy food!!!)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

US Travels: Time with Family & Friends

Well, our 2 month "furlough" flew by and we are once again back in Taiwan. I'd like to fill you all in and catch you all up with the wonderful time we had in the states. I'll start with the next thing after San Fransisco ...
After we left Phil and Rachel, we headed to MBBC for Rayn's graduation, from there it's a blur! :o) We were able to go to about 12 different church to present the ministry or speak to youth or speak in school chapels. I was able to speak at a bridal shower and at a mother- daughter dinner. We had great opportunities to see our families and a number of good friends. We praise the Lord for the safe journey He gave and for the many blessings He gave as we spent time with loved ones.