Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Tad!

Tad is 25 today (I know - unbelievable!!). I thought those of you back in the states might miss seeing him, so this one's for you ... :o)


Youth Hike

A few weeks ago, we had about 8 of our teens willing to go with us to join in another church's all day youth day. The main event on the schedule the day we went was hiking! I thought it was great - after being in the city so long it was SO nice to get out and enjoy the trails through the woods. Here are some the sights ...

Gathering at the beginning of the trails getting our "game plan" and getting into groups.

The trails ...

There were so many bamboo clusters scattered throughout the woods (something I'm not accustomed to seeing).

One the "sights" along the way ...

Hiking the trails ...

2 of our boys, Leo and Carl, had an abundance of energy and decided to do some extra climbing. :o)

Our girls - Susannah, Julia, Ester, and Stacy

Some the guys having a great time. :o)

A view of the city ...

I hope to be able to share our youth day here at Cornerstone very soon. I'm waiting on the pictures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Quite obviously I don't keep everyone updated very well ~ SORRY! I am going to try to get a few new posts up this week to tell you all of some of the things that have been going on around here lately.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas get together. We had a wonderful day (even though we were away from family in the States). We were able to meet with our "new family" here in Taiwan. Tad and I celebrated our Christmas together in the morning and in the afternoon we went over to the Delaney's house for the remainder of the day. I was able to cook my very first turkey for dinner ... Yum, yum!! :o) (thankfully it turned out very well!) We had a great day and are so thankful for the new friendships the Lord has brought us into.

We thought of family throughout the holidays ... here are our family photos with all the Christmas cards that were sent our way.

Our "Christmas Lizard" - taking care of all the bugs in the house.

The Delaney girls (Susannah and Julia) and I ... our craft gift

Here is my very first beautiful, delicious looking turkey :o)

Our greatest surprise ... gifts from home!! When we arrived at the house, the Delaney's kept saying we should open our stockings. At the first glance under the tree I exploded with excitement as I saw a very familiar sight ... mom's handmade stockings. Thankfully I didn't start crying (although it was an emotional moment). What a wonderful surprise!