Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on the Youth Group

The following pictures show the last youth activity we had with our youth before we left for a short trip to the states. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary, that would be cheap yet still extremely fun. Well, we just had an MRT system open up in Kaohsiung and for the first month it was free travel. We decided to take advantage of that so we took our youth to a trip a few stops up to a sugar factory.We looked with the other thousands of people at the sugar factory and all the different stands they had. Then, we traveled back up the tracks to McDonald's. We ate dinner and bought an ice cream cone for each of the youth, and then ended up back at the church. We had a great time mingling! :o)

A snapshopt of the crowd

Tad & Joseph

Some of the girls inside the factory

Sitting and waiting for the next MRT

Getting ready to board

Dinner at McDonald's

These are the promised pictures of our all day youth day at CBC.

Whose your neighbor?

Newspaper dress up - ancient Chinese warriors

Duct-tape relay

Eating a donut from a stick & string

Shoe exchange


Please be in prayer for the Delaney's as they take over the youth and the ministry in Taiwan while we are here in the states.