Saturday, November 18, 2006

Texas Deep Sea Fishing

I don't have any sweet pictures or updates to put on from anything very recent, but I do have some awesome pictures of our fishing trip to Texas at the end of the summer. We were able to go to Texas in August and fish in the Texas International Fishing Tournament. It is a huge tournament that has over 1000 anglers fishing in it. Most of them are fishing to catch the biggest Blue Marlin. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch the biggest Marlin, but we did catch the heaviest Bonito. It was the first time we had ever placed in any category in the tournament, so we were pleased with ourselves. We hope to go back to Texas next year and fish in this awesome tournament. Hannah was not able to fish this time, but she has in the past- and she loves it! The best part of the fishing trip is getting to spend a couple days on the water with my dad, brother, and Hannah. There is nothing like deep sea fishing! It takes a lot of work, but the results are amazing!

I Broke It

OK, I'm really sorry everyone...I broke our blog. Well, at least I made it harder for Hannah to make changes to the blog from her computer. I was updating the blog to be a "Beta" blog. I figured that it would make things much easier. Unfortunately, Hannah's web browser is having problems accepting this new form. I think the problem will be fixed shortly (shortly could mean a week or possibly a year). I'm sorry that there has not been any recent updates. We will try to be better bloggers in the future. (See even guys admit their mistakes...sometimes)