Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our "Family" :o)

The little "other" in our family is our cat Cocoa. We got her shortly after moving here to Wisconsin and have had many fun times with her. We got her when she was only a few months old and you can see in the pictures how she’s grown. She has quite the personality and intelligence (for a cat). :o) She is loveable, playful, curious, and highly entertaining! She knows how to play fetch, play "bite, bite, scratch", play a form of hide'n'seek, and freeze. She also can chase squirrels and has come in handy with mice. She likes to take rides in the car and is a great traveler (we've brought her to MI with us). Cocoa has been a lot of fun for us!! :o)

(Pictures of when we first brought her home)

(Cocoa with our Pastor at Christmas)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I hope this works

Hannah and I have finally joined the blogging world. We are trilled beyond belief to have a blog. I have waited all of my life for this opportunity. We look forward to keeping up with all of our friends and family.