Saturday, August 16, 2008

Youth Update - Camp & Water Activity

I know I'm SUPER behind, but here is a quick update of what has been happening here with the youth. We've gone to camp - what a turn out!! The Lord blessed exceedingly! We had a number of kids make decisions (I was able to pray with 4 of our girls). The Lord is still at work here purifying, sanctifying, and growing hearts & lives for His glory! We've also had another youth activity - and praise the Lord He stayed the rain! We had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship ... and food! :o) We had a water balloon activity at a nearby park and finished it off with a BBQ and short challenge given by Joel. Joel, thank you for your summer of help here with the youth group - you were a blessing! Have a great year at MBBC!

We are excited for another year to work with the youth here in Taiwan at CBC. This next year we will be responsible for heading up camp ... we would appreciate your prayers as planning is already in process.