Friday, September 07, 2007

Mountaintop Baptist Church Youth Rally

A couple weekends ago, we were able to attend a neighboring church’s 2 day youth rally. Only one of our teens, Teresa, was able to go with us, but we had a great time! At least, that is, when we finally got there! :o) The first day we had a bit of a struggle with directions. We arrived about a hour and a half late. :o( The second day we had no problems! :o) It was a great couple of days. There was a good attendance and the gospel was clearly presented. Many were church kids, but some were not. Both Tad and I were able to make a couple new friends. Tad was able to bond with Neil, the MK, and I was able to befriend Amy, one of the teen girls. We played many fun and interesting games, had a couple skits, a cook out, and A LOT of fun!!! Tad and I have really enjoyed getting to know this fellow laboring missionary family, the Cullers. Continue to pray for the youth here in Taiwan!

One of the games was feeling what the frog ate with a blind-fold on

One of the teens feeling

A group game for the guys ... standing together without linking arms (the girls did this as well)

Another game ... eating a donut off a stick

Tad going at it with Neil Cullers as his partner

Me getting involved too with Teresa (our teen) as my partener

We also had a cookout with everyone the last day

Of course they do everything with chopsticks ;o)

The girl in the red shirt is Amy. I was able to talk with her and get to know her. She is burdened for her unsaved grandma. Please pray that she would be able to talk with her grandma and share the gospel with her.

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