Saturday, September 22, 2007

Small Blessings from the Lord

The other day, after going to the fresh market, we came out to a beautiful double rainbow. Everyone looked at us weird until they realized we were looking at a rainbow, and then they too would stop, take pictures, and admire the site. The next night, we talked with some people at Wednesday night prayer meeting about the wonderful promise the Lord made to us (Gen 9: 12-17). We were saying how thankful we are for that promise even though the world is so wicked and undeserving of being preserved.

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Ben and Carissa said...

Hello little missionaries! That is really the coolest rainbow. Mom left us this morning. I cried as she pulled away knowing that I had to go inside, get breakfast for my family, then clean it up! I have not touched a dish cloth in a week! I kept asking if she would stay and live with us, but she just kept laughing like I was kidding! We hope all is well there and you are seeing the Lord work. We love ya!