Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Hanna Family - Missionaries to Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Ok, so I realize I’m doing things a little out of order; this post should have been our very first post on Taiwan. Oops! “Better late than never”, as the saying goes . . .
I’d like to quickly share with you the ‘story’ behind our decision of coming to Taiwan and to introduce you to the Hanna family, the missionaries we came here to help.
You may be wondering, how in the world did we get to Taiwan? A plane, of course!! :o) Alright, just kidding. Tad just finished his Master’s at NBBC this past year (May 2007), and we were seeking the Lord as to what His will would be for our next ‘page’ in life. We both have been lead towards missions, and within the last couple of years have been leaning towards the Asian part of the world. In 2004, when we were still in the dating stage, Tad went to China to teach English as a second language (ESL). After some consideration this past year, we decided to sign up with NBBC’s Team China to team-teach ESL for 6 weeks this summer. We put our names on the list and started attending meetings, not knowing the plans the Lord was yet to unveil. On a personal note, obviously we know the Lord’s timing is perfect and it truly is! Although Tad was excited about going (since he’s done it all before), I, on the other hand, was a bit nervous even hesitant. I had never done this before and therefore was stepping out into the ‘unknown’. Yet the Lord did give me a peace. Thanksgiving break came and we mentioned to our families what we were planning to do this coming summer, 2007. Once we returned from break, we knew we needed to start getting letters ready, passports in line and everything in order to finalize our plans for going to China to teach. About a week after returning, we were told of another ministry opportunity. Dr. Lamansky took a lunch hour with us to explain the need and the opportunity of going to Taiwan. We were almost immediately taken with the idea, but decided to go into a season of prayer before making a very big decision such as this. After talking with each other and spending time in prayer, we went to talk with Team China about the change and with Dr. Lamansky about the acceptance. I really believe that the Lord used the decision for Team China to prepare us (at least me) for this decision of going to Taiwan. Then the fun began! We had MUCH to do in a VERY short time! We had to apply with Baptist Mid Missions, send prayer letters, raise support, and have much contact with the Hanna’s to ask all the questions we had. The Lord’s hand in everything was SO evident. He was so comforting and gracious. He perfectly orchestrated everything. We took the month of May to go on deputation and visit churches (it was really the only time we had with Tad finishing school). Again, doors were opened and we were able to be at a different church nearly every Sunday and Wednesday as we traveled from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas. With the Lord bringing in all our finances, the day finally came that we had the ‘go ahead’ and were off for Taiwan. We left June 5th, arrived June 7th, and had exactly 7 days with the Hanna’s before they headed back to the US for furlough. Yikes! :o) We had a great 7 days with them. Yes, they were busy and packed with learning and being shown around, but it was a wonderful time getting to know these godly people. We both wish we had more time with them! We’ve been here about 3 months and have loved it. It’s been such a blessing to be a part of their ministry here in Taiwan!

Back row: Rose, Beth, Dolly Wong
Front row: Luke, Mr. Hanna, Mrs. Hanna

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