Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Afternoon Out

Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted! We have been pretty busy, especially Tad, so I haven't had time or access to the computer. I hope to get a number of posts up soon because I have quite a few things to share - be patient with me!!
These pictures are about 2 weeks old. We needed to go the the grocery store and we were able to take an afternoon to drive around and do a little bit of site-seeing on the way. The first few pictures are just sights along the way to finding the Tuntex tower. You can see it from so far away, but it's a little difficult to find how to get up to it. Alas, we made it! :o) Although Tad hates heights, he went up with me to the 75th floor to see great scenes of Kaohsuing City. The expanse of the city is so incredible!! It's daunting to see the number of buildings, to imagine the thousands of people out there, and to grasp the truth that so many of them need the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! We enjoyed looking out on the city and the harbor. After leaving the Tuntex tower we sat in a park across the road and watched a water fountain synchronized to music. I had a lot of fun watching it and wished I could go out and run through it! (It's SO hot and humid here - it's in the 90's and usually about 90% humidity!! yuck!) After we drove around a little more we passed a mall - the Dream Mall. We have had a couple ladies in the church mention the mall to us, so we decided to check it out. For you shoppers out there, this would be your dream!! It is a 9 story mall with countless stores. It was unbelievable!! We walked around a couple of the floors and then decided to go do what we started out to do - go grocery shopping at CostCo. We can share more pictures of the Dream Mall at a later date. We hope to go back sometime to walk around. We had a very enjoyable afternoon together. :o)

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