Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hospital Visit and Doing Some Site-Seeing

Ok, just so no one gets alarmed, the visit wasn't for either one of us. Tad has not been taking anymore flying leaps out of any trees. :o) There are not many trees where we live, and most of the ones around us aren't very tall.
A few days ago Tad and I were able to make a hospital visit with one of the ladies, Jean, from the church. Jean is a college instructor at the nearby foreign language college. She teaches English. Her husband, Sam, translates the Sunday morning sermons for Tad. When I speak at the ladies group, Jean will be my translator. ;o) She has become a dear and close friend. She has been SO helpful and considerate to both Tad and I!!!
Anyway, we were able to go with her to visit one of her students that just went through surgery. From that trip we were able to meet a number of her students. We enjoyed our time talking with them. If you think to, you can pray for Edison (he had the surgery and is recovering very well), Brittany, Penny, Anabelle, Ann, Amy, and others. We would love to see them come out to church!
While we were out we did a little site-seeing. We went to a neighboring hotel from the hospital - the famous Grand Hotel. Tad and I had a lot of fun looking at things and fellowshipping with Jean. :o)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear no more tree incidents. We pray often for you both and your ministry there. So cool how God allows us all these awesome opportunities,huh?!!
~Rachel (and Phil)

sc3b said...

I was just going to comment to ask whatever happened to the Bennicoffs & see their comment!! Where is that blog you promised, Rachel?!!

I'm going to work out some schedule or something with the Ladies' Fellowship so that someone is praying for you guys on Sat. evenings here - which will be during your church time. I'm praying tonight!!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Mark and I will be praying on Saturday nights! I love your haircut! The scenery at the camp...minus the spiders...was gorgeous! Thanks for the updates and pics:)