Friday, July 13, 2007

Youth Camp - Cornerstone Baptist Church, Taiwan

We had a real good week in central Taiwan at Youth Camp. The camp ground was located in Puli. We were able to bring 8 kids. Most of them were church kids, save one. I think most of them were saved, but there were three boys that we are a bit unsure of. You can pray for Jackie, Jay, and CP.
The preacher was Erik Sanders. He and his group traveled from Seattle to come and help for this camp. Their church supports one of the missionary families here in Taiwan and through them planned their missions trip. He did a great job at presenting and explaining the Gospel and preached through the story of Jonah about God's will for our life. He had only preached through a translator one other time, but did a real good job this week.
As you will see in the pictures, the grounds were absolutely beautiful! We played some games there and some at a nearby school. It was a bit difficult as the camp was built on the side of the mountain, so there wasn't much room for an open field. The camp was also across the street from a lake. Our group took a number of walks around it.
Now I grew up going to a "rustic" camp, but I do believe this one topped it. We had a number of "friends" visit us in our room. :o) The first night we found and killed 2 very large spiders. The next night it was a huge cockroach and a couple small ones, and the following night there were a number of small cockroaches (including one found on my pillow and one in my suitcase). Besides all the fun of the bugs and lizards and ruff lodging we had a very good time. There wasn't any AC and we were quite active outside with games, etc., so we stayed warm and sweaty all week. :o) It was great though.
I was able to take a couple walks with the girls around the lake and on the last night had a "noodle party" with them. Tad was able to take the group of guys out paddle boating and had a real fun time with them. We also sang a special in Chinese with our group, "People Need the Lord", in the last evening service. We had a great time meeting new people (a number of missionaries here on the island) and getting to know our group better. Please pray for us on Saturday morning (it will be in the evening here) as we have youth group and continue to teach and train our youth. We hope to help them grow closer to the Lord.

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