Saturday, July 05, 2008

Well, as I've mentioned, we are back in Taiwan, and I think we're finally over jet lag. :o) It's fun to be back in the groove of things and be back with good friends, but it's always hard to say goodbye and leave other loved ones behind. Here are a few snapshots of us having fun early in the morning at the Taipei airport. Praise the Lord we had good flights and safety traveling.

The evening we got in, we went over the the Culler's house (fellow missionaries) for a little get together with a few other families. That night, I was able to see my first live snake here in Taiwan - mom, you'd have loved it!!!! :o)

Here we all are playing cards and having a great time.

The following day we looked at an apartment (as we need to find a new one before September), and were able to go out to eat with our good friends, the Jiangs (and have some yummy food!!!)


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Ben and Carissa said...

ok - what's with the comments on your blog?? Are you guys playing the lotto again?? And I thought you were learning Chinese?? :)Weird! Anyway, we're glad to hear you are back and enjoying your missionary life again. We've loved our time with you. I love this blog - it's so fun to see your life! Love ya!!

sc3b said...

Glad to see that you made it back safely. Can't believe the first year is over & you're back already!! Today, Bonnie, Neva, Steph, Miranda, Brooke & I leave for Amy's wedding!!!!

We're praying for you!

The word identification thingy may help with weird comments - unless these are legit. I fear clicking on them ;)