Thursday, July 03, 2008

US Travels: Time with Family & Friends

Well, our 2 month "furlough" flew by and we are once again back in Taiwan. I'd like to fill you all in and catch you all up with the wonderful time we had in the states. I'll start with the next thing after San Fransisco ...
After we left Phil and Rachel, we headed to MBBC for Rayn's graduation, from there it's a blur! :o) We were able to go to about 12 different church to present the ministry or speak to youth or speak in school chapels. I was able to speak at a bridal shower and at a mother- daughter dinner. We had great opportunities to see our families and a number of good friends. We praise the Lord for the safe journey He gave and for the many blessings He gave as we spent time with loved ones.

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Ben and Carissa said...

loved it! It was wonderful seeing you guys - until next time! Kate misses you, Tad!