Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Xiao Liou Chio

A few weeks back, Tad and I took a weekend vacation to one of the many smaller islands surrounding Taiwan. This one is called Xiao Liou Chio. We hopped a bus after our language school and took the following day off, so we could stay the night (enjoying 2 days on the island). It was a very short stay, but we had SO much fun and the place was absolutely gorgeous!! We hope we can go back again some time in the future.

Tad & I at the docks getting ready to board the ferry

Our first stop - the beach :o)

Tad - enjoying the view and trying to catch glimpses of the fish

Shell collecting

Beautiful sunset!!!

The grounds where we stayed

Snorkeling (my first time in a wet suit)

This island is a reef island, as seen by the shore line.
There were SO many neat sights under the water!!

One of the many small, narrow roads on the island - complete with restaurants, souvenir shops, tea shops, and even a 7-11! :o)

The ferry

Vase Rock - one of the many neat tourist sites

Our mode of transportation while on the island was by scooter - here we are touring the island

Tad and I enjoying our time and the beautiful scenery

One of the many nature walks we could go on - here Tad is standing in one of the caves/ crevasses

The road with rocks and trees canopying it

Our guide for the duration of our stay

A few "friends" we met while waiting to board the ferry for our return trip (it was a wonderful time to put our Chinese into practice)

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Ben and Carissa said...

Wow! The life of a missionary is sure tough?! What a great place! Hannah, I thought I caught a glimpse of your tummy in that wet suit, but I could not figure out if it was belly or wet suit?? You know a few SIDE view shots on the ol' blog would be great!! SHOW US THE BELLY BABY!!