Thursday, November 20, 2008

Youth, Church, and Ministry Update

Much has happened since writing last time ... one of the major changes is that Pastor Matt Hanna and his family have returned to Taiwan, taking back the role of leading the Taiwanese congregation at Cornerstone Baptist Church. This has been a huge blessing to Tad and I as we are now able to concentrate on ministering to the youth. This also opens the door up for us to really focus on the language. We started attending a language institute in September. Each semester lasts 3 months, so we have finished our first semester and have "graduated" into our second book. Another change is that we have moved into a new apartment (pictures coming soon). With the return of the Hanna family, it created a need to move house, so that they could return to theirs. Although we went through a bit of a discouraging time trying to find the right fit, the Lord opened a door to a fabulous place that really meets our needs - PTL! The Lord continues to lead and to be ever gracious to us.

Lillian, one of our youth, getting baptized. Her mother was just baptized a couple of weeks ago - PTL!!

Elsie was baptized the same day as Lillian. Elsie has been coming to the youth groups as an adult helper and helping out in different ways.

One of our recent youth activities and one of the many crazy games that Tad comes up with. :o)

Baseball outing - with a little sprinkle of rain

We had a great night of fun combining our youth with the Culler's youth group

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