Thursday, May 22, 2008

Familiar Places in a Not so Familiar Surrounding

Since we have been back in the states, many people are surprised when I tell them of all the different "familiar" places we have in Taiwan. People just don't seem to comprehend that it IS a very westernized FIRST world country. We have many convenient places, and have learned to love many new "native" places.
I've also had people ask about grocery shopping. Most of the items I buy do have Chinese characters on them, but many times they also have English on them or are a familiar enough brand for me to know what it is. I still have a number of things that I cannot get there though, but we make do! :o)

Not to mention that we have Subway, Domino's Pizza, just received a Coldstone and Burger King, and we have MANY name brand clothing stores in the malls and surrounding shops.

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