Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Trip to Taiwan

Well, to start off, it's has been SO neat to see how the Lord has worked on our behalf and so graciously provided for us. The month of May was dedicated to traveling around and presenting our ministry opportunity for this coming year. God is SO good. We had great travels and great blessings. We were able to visit two churches in Illinois when we went to attend my Grandma's 90th birthday party. Tad and I were also able to spend some quality time with my family. We then had the opportunity to present at my parent's church in Michigan and then we headed to Texas, where we had the chance to go to three churches while we visited with Tad's family.
June 5th was our departure to Taiwan. Our first leg of the flight was for 8:15pm from Chicago O'Hare Airport to San Fransisco. That 4 hour flight went well. We sat next to a man from Hawaii and Tad had an opportunity to spiritually challenge him. We then arrived in San Fransisco and it was there that the reality of leaving finally hit me. Although we were still in the States, we were definitely the minority - we scarcely saw another Caucasian American! We then boarded a HUGE 747 (double-decker) plane. We just so happened to be in the dead middle of the middle (the inner two seats in the four middle seats). Bummer! We did have a good opportunity to talk with the man next to Tad. He was born and raised in Kaohsiung and this was his first time to return in 20 years. That flight was VERY long - 13 hours! Boy was it nice to land again! We arrived in Taipei, Taiwan at 5:30am. There we were able to walk around for a while, write a couple emails announcing our safe arrival, exchange some money, grab a snack, and freshen up a bit. We then board our next and final flight that brought us to our year's destination of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Throughout these blogs I hope to share our 'new life' in Taiwan and the opportunities that the Lord brings our way. We continue to thank and praise Him for what He's doing in us and, Lord willing, through us.

Taipei Airport

Our First Purchase :o)



Ben and Carissa said...

Hello there missionaries! We are so proud of you guys. It is soooo cool you are there! We are glad you are safe and sound and very glad you decided to update this old blog of yours. We love you guys and will think of you and pray for you often. Ben wants to know if Hannah's pregnant yet?? Hee-hee. How do you say "push" in Taiwan?? Just kidding! Love ya!

pamela s said...

Wow, that was quite an update on you guys! The next year should be very exciting.
I love your hair too. :)
Hope to see more updates on your ministry.