Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I hope this works

Hannah and I have finally joined the blogging world. We are trilled beyond belief to have a blog. I have waited all of my life for this opportunity. We look forward to keeping up with all of our friends and family.


journeyer said...

Hey welcome to the blogging world. Do you happen to have contact info for my long lost roomie dawn?

Tad and Hannah said...

hey, yeah i do. we talk off and on. she is still back home in MI and started this semester at detroit.

Christina said...

Yea! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. :-) Tad I hope you are recovering quickly, and Hannah our last talk was such a HUGE blessing and encouragement to me. Thanks hun!

Anonymous said...

T & H,

Ok, someone has to say it! I guess Tadpole's parents over-worked General Manager will be the one. Everytime I hear about this wonderful couple from Tadpole's (you can call him Tadpole, I give you permission or even Gene...middle name) parents, I hear about how hard they are studying/working etc, etc, & etc. But when you see them, all they are doing is extended vacations (some states call it loitering). playing (or obsessing) with their cat or falling out of trees! Hmmm, graduate college doesn't sound so bad. BTW, I do not believe it is healthy to treat ones cat like a human child and ALL cats chase squirrels. You guys sound like you're having fun but put the cat back under the trailer, quit climbing trees and get back to work/school (lol). Do you have a spare bedroom for visitors? Love & Kisses, Uncle Buck

P.S. Your Mom told me to tell you guys that your Dad told me about this blog!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Tad and Hannah,
I have thought about you quite a lot in the last few months. How are things going? We are doing great. God is good and we are happy to be doing what we are where we are for the glory of God. shoot me an email--mbrumbaugh@baptistseminary.edu